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River Aria on the Way

The third and last book in Joan Schweighardt's Rivers Trilogy will appear in the fall. Time to stock up on the earlier books so you will be ready.

Find out more on our site about Before We Died and Gifts for the Dead, and you too can take a literary journey to the Amazon Basin.

Author Interviews

Here at Five Directions Press we don’t feature only our own authors. Every two months, Joan Schweighardt shines a spotlight on someone outside our septet. You can find those interviews on our newsletter page. Right now we are featuring Barbara Quinn, whose latest novel is The Summer Springsteen's Songs Saved Me.

Interview with Claudia H. Long

Claudia H. Long is a prolific and able novelist who always has an interesting take on the topics she features. Her latest novel, Nine Tenths of the Law, just came out with Kasva Press. You can learn more about it—and about the historical novels published by Five Directions Press, in this interview for Occhi Magazine.

Interviews with Gabrielle Mathieu

Find out more about Gabrielle Mathieu’s new YA historical fantasy series Berona’s Quest at the New Books Network and Occhi Magazine. Book 1, Girl of Fire, came out in November.

Girl of Fire cover

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