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Interview with Joan Schweighardt

Find out more about Joan Schweighardt’s Rivers trilogy through her interview at New Books in Historical Fiction, a podcast channel on the New Books Network. And click on her cover for this book or at the link to Before We Died for short descriptions and excerpts from the books (including audio excerpts).

Song of the Shaman

The second of C. P. Lesley’s Songs of Steppe & Forest is now available in print and e-book. Follow Grusha onto the steppe and into other worlds in this "vividly told tale full of magic and mysticism." Click on the cover for more information. And check out this interview with C. P. Lesley on Occhi Magazine to learn more about her and her novels, including this one.

Song of the Shaman cover
Interview with Claudia H. Long

Claudia H. Long is a prolific and able novelist who always has an interesting take on the topics she features. Her latest novel, Nine Tenths of the Law, just came out with Kasva Press. You can learn more about it—and about the historical novels published by Five Directions Press, in this interview for Occhi Magazine.

Interviews with Gabrielle Mathieu

Find out more about Gabrielle Mathieu’s new YA historical fantasy series Berona’s Quest at the New Books Network and Occhi Magazine. Book 1, Girl of Fire, came out in November.

Girl of Fire cover

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