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Kindle Box Sets

Now that Five Directions Press has grown and produced several series, we have decided to make them accessible in box sets for the convenience of readers. Alas, the economics of small-run printing means that we can offer the box sets only as e-books, but if you own an e-reader or tablet, do check back every so often to see which titles we’ve added.

For a preview of the contents, click on the cover images.

Rivers Trilogy Box Set cover
Joan Schweighardt, Rivers Trilogy


The historical moment that ignites all three novels in the Rivers Trilogy is the South American rubber boom, which hit its peak in Brazil in the early 20th century. The action moves back and forth between the New York metro area and Manaus, Brazil (and surrounding jungle) over the years 1908 to 1929. The characters include an Irish-American contingent from New York/New Jersey and an Amerindian/European contingent from Manaus. Collectively their stories are steeped in themes of immigration, sibling rivalry, fortune-seeking, love, grief, greed, despair, and redemption.


“Schweighardt's story happened with rubber tappers a century ago; it continues today around oil, lumber, cattle, soy, and the mining of crystals and other resources … Besides being a good read, this is a wake-up call!”

--John Perkins, New York Times Bestselling Author


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C. P. Lesley, Legends of the Five Directions 4–5

In this satisfying conclusion to the Legends series, Russia falls apart under blows from without and within, including a series of brutal murders within the royal family. As the deadly infighting among the great clans intensifies, Nasan struggles to keep herself and her loved ones safe. But when the ongoing war among the elite endangers the throne itself, enmeshing Nasan’s husband in its coils, only the skills cultivated by the Golden Lynx can win the day.


“An action and suspense-infused historical adventure that kept me turning the pages right to the end. The characters are so well-drawn, the historical facts so cleverly woven into the narrative, time and place so brilliantly evoked, I felt I was experiencing sixteenth-century Russia firsthand.”

—Liza Perrat, author of the Bone Angel Trilogy


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C. P. Lesley, Legends of the
Five Directions 1–3




This question drives the first book in Legends of the Five Directions, a series that will sweep you to the distant world of sixteenth-century Russia, amid the descendants of Genghis Khan and courts that could teach the Borgias a thing or two about political ambition, assassination, and chicanery. Follow Nasan and her kinsfolk as they struggle for power, honor, identity, and love across the steppe and through the vast forests of the Russian North. 


“A richly depicted, exciting adventure set amongst the Tatars of 16th-century Central Russia. Fans of historical romance will find this a delight.”

—Yangsze Choo, author of the acclaimed novel The Ghost Bride


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C. P. Lesley, Tarkei Chronicles 1–2

Love plays no part in marriage arrangements on the desert planet of Tarkei. So when Danion, junior priest of the sun goddess, finds himself drawn, in defiance of his oath of celibacy, to a human ballerina encountered by chance, he does his best to resist. The ballerina, tormented by memories of violence that may be real or just the product of an unknown enemy’s twisted mind, has no interest in him anyway—or so they think.

But Tarkei has an ancient tradition: that two unusually compatible people, whether they believe they belong together or not, can bond at first touch. Once formed, the link lasts until death. Legend calls it “the joining.” Danion calls it a myth. He and his ballerina will soon discover who’s right.

Both volumes of the Tarkei Chronicles reissued in one convenient set.


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