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Song of the Steadfast

C. P. Lesley


Haunted by memories of a cruel and distant father, Anna Kolycheva has learned to fend off trouble by turning herself into a model of silent obedience. But the exile of her husband-to-be and her forced participation in Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s first bride show have shown the sixteen-year-old Russian noblewoman that she needs more than compliance to attain her goals. When her betrothed arrives to claim her, she elopes without hesitation. But her cousin Igor is determined to wed Anna to the man of his choice, and he will stop at nothing to ensure success.


Yuri Vorontsov has watched his life go up in smoke over the last nine months. After plunging from royal favorite to criminal, he should rejoice that he’s still alive—or so everyone tells him. But Yuri knows the charges against him are lies trumped up by Anna’s wicked cousin in a desperate attempt to save his own neck, and no royal declaration can turn a warrior into a monk overnight. As flames engulf Moscow, Yuri throws caution to the winds to defend his bride and his heritage, even at the risk of defying the irascible tsar.




DUE IN 2024

““I’d like to see all the Songs of Steppe & Forest as an ongoing television series—I think the colorful descriptions of clothing, meals, and social mores will look great on the screen.”

—G.P. Gottlieb, host of New Books in Literature

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