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Legends of the Five Directions 2

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The Winged Horse

C. P. Lesley


The mission seems simple: head south, collect the bride promised six years earlier, and ensure that nothing odd is going on among the nomadic Tatars. Ogodai anticipates no problems. In fact, he’s looking forward to the chance to break free of his father and establish himself in a horde of his own.


But Ogodai’s betrothed is wary at best, his half-brother has competing plans for both the girl and the horde, and even the briefest investigation shows that indeed, something very odd is going on in the nomadic camp.


Before long, Ogodai realizes he must secure his betrothed’s allegiance if either of them is to survive. But can he persuade his unwilling would-be queen that an alliance with him offers more than the traditional role of chief wife?




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“A richly depicted, exciting adventure set amongst the Tatars of 16th-century Central Russia. Fans of historical romance will find this a delight.”

—Yangsze Choo, author of The Ghost Bride

The Winged Horse is rich with cultural exotica and imaginative re-creation. We’re swept backwards five centuries to an Eastern Europe of leather armor and Ottoman daggers, wrestling matches and horse races, a hooded eagle on a shoulder, a sheep’s head on a platter. If you’re suffering from Regency romance fatigue, The Winged Horse is the perfect antidote.”

—Michael Schmicker, author of The Witch of Napoli

The Winged Horse awards
Winged Horse awards
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