Song of the Sinner

C. P. Lesley


After surviving marriage to a brute, Solomonida Sheremeteva has sworn never to take another husband. As a divorced widow in her thirties, the Russian noblewoman at last has the right to choose her own destiny, and she intends to devote her time and attention to her twelve-year-old daughter. Never mind that she has feelings for the handsome government clerk who used to manage her sister’s estate. Not only does he have two children of his own, but his inferior rank means that any association with him can only damage her own daughter’s marital prospects.


Anfim Fadeyev could not agree more. He knows as well as Solomonida that a priest’s son should not aspire to the hand of a boyar’s daughter, whatever his achievements in the government and in trade. He needs a mother for his children, not a highborn lover. So when passion overwhelms him and Solomonida one winter’s night, they both face a dilemma: how to respond when the demands of the heart contradict those of the head?




DUE IN 2022