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Legends of the Five Directions 1

A Valentine’s Date: Scavenger Hunt

Courtney J. Hall


Two months after Everett St. John told Noelle Silver he wanted to get to know her better, she feels like he’s stuck her in the friend zone—and that feeling hits home on her first Valentine’s Day as a single woman in eight years, when she realizes she has absolutely nothing to do. Vowing to spend the evening with streaming TV and full-fat ice cream—two things that have never let her down—for company, she gets home after a long day at work to find an invitation to a scavenger hunt at her door…


The clues lead her around Springhollow, with stops at locations crucial to the growth of a relationship Noelle was sure Everett didn’t want. And when she gets to the final stop to find him waiting for her, Noelle has to decide if she’s really ready to knock down the wall she’s built around her heart, and let him in.



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“Memorable characters, a frantic scramble to put together a Christmas wedding, and an unexpected attraction. A Holiday Wish is a beautiful story 

about finding yourself again when all seems lost.”

USA Today bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett

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