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Seeking Sophia

Ariadne Apostolou


Coming of age in the turbulent 1970s—where she spent years immersed in student protests, urban communes, and radical politics—Kleio Platon has never been drawn to the conventional goals of marriage and motherhood. But after a few devastating months strip her of her boyfriend, her health, and her splashy international job, Kleio realizes the downside to being a black sheep.


As she struggles to rebuild her life and make peace with her past, Kleio clings to advice discovered in a fortune cookie: “Plant a tree. Build a house. Raise a child. Write a book. Wisdom streams from these endeavors.”


Wisdom. In the language of Kleio’s grandparents, Sophia—which is also the name of the abandoned child whose adoption may hold the key that unlocks, for Kleio, the true meaning of life. But old habits die hard. Can Kleio find the strength to commit the ultimate rebellion: putting down roots?


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“This is a writer who can do big picture and microscopic detail, depending on how it serves the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Kleio’s journey, the vivid characters, the riotous description of scenery and the perfectly structured narrative through which the reader feels both wiser and more naive.”

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