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Falcon Flies Alone cover

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The Falcon Soars

Gabrielle Mathieu


After causing the death of her lover and bringing the wrath of the IRA down on her family, Peppa Mueller is determined to redeem herself, even if it means suppressing her falcon totem. But past enemies are looking for her.

Her promising neurosurgery career is interrupted by an assassination attempt. Then the one friend she’s always counted on is called away on an emergency mission to Tibet. Convinced the mission will fail without her medical knowledge, Peppa jeopardizes her career and upcoming marriage to join him.

In the wilds of the Himalayas, Peppa will find out that out that unless you make peace with your past, there is no future.



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“Unpredictable, intelligent, and imaginative, this story soars into the unknown. Climb on and enjoy the flight of your life.”

—JJ Marsh, author of the Beatrice Stubbs series

“Quirkier than hell on a hot day. It has that unsettling and surreal Twin Peaks

feel to it.” 

—Editor John Hudspith

“An intriguing blend of science and the occult—it will keep you reading.”

—David E. Nichols, PhD, Distinguished Professor Emeritus,
Purdue University College of Pharmacy


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